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Two website questions I get asked. A lot.

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Here are the two questions I get asked a lot - especially by seasoned business owners.

Q 1: "My business is great - why do I need a website?"

Q 2: We already have a website - why should I spend money on a redesign?"

The first thing people do when hearing about you or your company is Google you.

A few outcomes:

1) They find the link to your website/product, on the first page of Google, click it, and get the info desired in relative speed. NICE!

2) They find the link to the the website/product (eventually) and click it, only to find the website is either not mobile friendly, and/or looks as though it was made on Alta-Vista (remember them?) back in 1998. Not so nice.
You lost a prospective client you DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WAS LOOKING.

3) They search....and search...and search. the only thing found is a short link to a yellow pages online ad from 2013. EGAD!

Here are my Top 3 reasons your company (no matter how old) needs an online presence.

1) Credibility

Without a website, customers may doubt your company's validity. Having a website gives you the chance to make a fantastic first impression and reassure potential clients that you are a legitimate company.

2) Brand

One of the most crucial things you can do is present your brand to potential buyers/clients. It can be very difficult to accomplish this without a website as customers will find it difficult to locate trustworthy and high-quality information about your company.

3) Saving You Time & Customer Service

Many companies receive calls from potential or existing clients that have simple inquiries about the location and operating hours. When you miss a call, the client is left unhappy.

When you miss a call, the client is left unhappy. Additionally, calls can prevent your employees from concentrating on the most crucial aspects of your company. These calls can be cut down, and internal productivity can go up. Additionally, it enables users to find pertinent information without having to contact, which enhances their overall user experience.

That's that! Reach out to see how Bthe3 can help your company grow!


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