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Bthe3 Wix Legends is a full service digital marketing agency with offices in Montreal, Canada & Miami, Florida. 

We use digital marketing solutions suited to your particular requirements to help your company flourish online.


We gather information on the motivations of your clients, your core values, and the positioning of your competitors. From that we come up with a plan that works.


We are with you every step of the way.


With Bthe3, you're not in good're in great hands. The following is just a glimpse of what Bthe3 provides.

Website setup on laptop

Responsive Website Design

Your website needs to be a clean and visually appealing depiction of your company. Understanding your company's objectives and your target market's wants is the key to creating great designs. We  assist you in achieving your goals and separating yourself from the competition.

Responsive web design is about creating websites that look amazing across all devices.

SEO & Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing services are an integral part of your business success.


They drive high quality customers to your website and can dramatically increase sales leads from customers looking specifically for your products and services.


Branding & Design

Our talented graphic designers can incorporate your distinctive brand into every aspect of your company: business cards, print ads, social media posts, and more.  
Your success depends on having an appealing brand identity that inspires credibility and trust.

Branding includes: Logo Design, Color Palette,
Fonts, Taglines and more...

Support & Maintenance

Every company should constantly strive to keep things current and interesting. We ensure that your website is compatible with new trends.

Bthe3  Creative Agency support plans will keep your website current, enabling you to concentrate on what you know best - your business.


We believe open communication is key to a successful project. Bthe3 is there for you via Zoom, text or chat.


We make edits and changes LIVE on Zoom. This greatly speeds up the process, plus you get to see the design process up front and center!


We're a phone call, text or email away. Have an issue?

Reach out - we answer the phone, texts and reply quickly to emails!

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