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Social Media Management. Made incredibly simple.

Weekly posts on Facebook & Instagram

$398/mo. No setup fees.

Bthe3 handles all your social media accounts and ensures your campaigns are effective and your story is shared.

Peace of mind

Bthe3 develops incredible social media strategies and custom graphics
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We're one phone call away - unparalleled service is our guarantee.


All your graphics are posted on-time, on brand, always.

Customized, social media strategies.

Bthe3 ensures your are consistently posting on the most popular social channels, so you can focus on growing your business.

Bring On The Benefits

Never Feel Embarrassed About your social media accounts being outdated ever again!
  • We make sure your social accounts are always UP-TO-DATE
  • We handle all sorts of requests with LIGHTING SPEED
  • Consider us an integral part of your GROWTH

We’re a Lean, Mean, Social Managing Machine

Actually, we’re not mean at all. But our operation is lean, especially when compared to larger agencies that take eons to get the smallest of tasks done :)

It’s Time to Pop Inflated Fees

Speaking of bloated social media companies, why pay their inflated fees when you can receive flawless service for a fraction of the cost?
Take your time to answer. We’ll wait.

We Eat Bad News for Breakfast

We are forward-thinking and always strategize and utilize the latest design trends in our social campaign developments.


How many posts do you post per week?

Our standard offer is one post per week, on 3-4 of your chosen platforms.
We believe staying consistent and relevant requires the minimum of one post per week.

Do you offer any other plans?

We sure do! Give us a call today at: (786) 755-1333 to discuss our various plans and campaign solutions. (We may even have a special promo for you when you use code "Grow2022" ;) 

Thanks for submitting! Our team will give you a call or email shortly.

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