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Blackmon Family
Christian Homes

I reached out to WIX help and I got the best. I couldn’t have picked a better team for myself then Avi and Josh.

They were very efficient, professional, and worked quickly they knew what they were doing. This is my first experience with a website and they made it a wonderful experience.

I’m keeping their contact information for when I need them again.

I couldn’t have had a better experience.

Thank you Avi and Josh!

— Alivia Blackmon

South Florida Real Estate Appraisers

We appreciate Josh & Avi's timeliness and attention to detail! They took the time to understand my unique needs, and didn't force their own preconceptions. Where they had room for creativity, they did a stellar job. Unlike another large international web design company that I will not name, they followed my instructions and then proofread the content so the website re-design was "live" before I knew it. We are going to move forward with other services, but the "first draft" is already generating calls.

—  Mike Jacobs

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Occasions Gift Boutique

I have been super happy with the Bthe3 team! They were great at letting me know what the plan was, communication throughout and listening to what I wanted. I’m thrilled to continue working with them on my website and definitely recommend!

Thanks Avi & Josh!

—  Crystal Ogorman


Great business partners with on target design and flexible responsiveness. After starting my website the layout became messy. Sunny Designers rescued me and re-energized the front door of my business. Very thankful for their help. Highly recommended.

—  Thaddeus Cummins

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