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How to make your Wix website accessible in 2024

In today's digital landscape, accessibility is a necessity. As we navigate the ever-evolving online sphere, ensuring that your Wix website is accessible to all users has never been more crucial.

Wix revolutionizes website creation, enabling individuals to craft polished, professional-grade websites with ease. However, a notable segment of the population faces barriers in accessing most Wix websites due to their lack of accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Despite the inclusion of various accessibility features that Wix users can utilize, many Wix websites still encounter accessibility challenges. Addressing these issues is crucial to ensure all website visitors can engage effectively with a Wix site, regardless of their abilities. By utilizing a top certified Wix Partner, Bthe3 Wix Legends can transform your website to embrace inclusivity fully.

In the following sections, we'll explore the accessibility features provided by Wix and discuss methods for enhancing your website's inclusivity by utilizing accessibility tools. By catering to a diverse range of disabilities, you can expand your consumer base and potentially boost business outcomes.

What does Wix offer in terms of accessibility?

Wix stands out with robust features designed to ensure inclusivity for all visitors. Built with accessibility in mind, Wix incorporates these key elements:

  • Full keyboard functionality: Wix makes every element operable via a keyboard, from simple buttons to more complex elements, like checkout forms on online stores. This feature is critical for those who rely on keyboard navigation due to certain impairments (namely motor impairments) or personal preferences.

  • Automatic DOM order: The Document Object Model (DOM) of Wix websites is structured in a way that facilitates seamless navigation for keyboard and screen-reader users. This arrangement respects the natural top-to-bottom, left-to-right reading order, making site navigation easier.

  • Site language definition: Wix automatically renders your site in the correct language. This means screen readers can accurately interpret and convey your content to users with vision impairments.

  • Correct semantics: Website elements like buttons, links, and forms are labeled and organized in a way that is optimized for assistive technologies. As a result, people with disabilities can better understand and interact with your content.

  • Smart focus ring To help keyboard users, Wix implements smart focus rings. These rings appear around the currently selected element and have dual, significantly contrasting colors for enhanced visibility. Website visitors who can't use a mouse can still navigate with ease

  • ARIA attributes Built-in ARIA attributes provide detailed descriptions of elements and actions, making the user experience richer and more accessible. Wix also allows for custom ARIA attributes on apps and components you build. This means you get more control over accessibility.

  • Skip to content feature: This feature allows keyboard users to bypass navigation menus and other repeated components to directly access the main content of a page. A skip-to content link helps people get to the content they need right away.

Wix's Accessibility Wizard

Along with the features listed above, Wix provides a helpful Accessibility Wizard to guide you through making your website more inclusive for all visitors. It works within the Wix Editor to scan your website and identify areas for improvement.

After opening the Wizard, you can start by scanning your site. This scan identifies common accessibility issues, like missing alt text or insufficient color contrast. From there, you can review and address them. Following the scan, the Wizard provides a clear, step-by-step guide to help you fix these issues.

Key features of the Accessibility Wizard include:

  • Site scanning: Automatically scans your website to detect accessibility issues, such as missing alt text for meaningful images or low color contrast.

  • Contrast checking: Helps you check and adjust ‌text and background color contrast to improve readability.

  • Guided issue resolution: Offers step-by-step guidance to fix identified issues and make your website more accessible.

  • Customization and adjustment: Includes a 'Find and Fix Issues' section for further adjustments, and encourages adding an accessibility statement to demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity.

Wix provides accessibility tools and features to help users create more accessible websites. However, it's important to note that while these tools can certainly assist in making websites more accessible, they may not cover all aspects of accessibility or ensure compliance with accessibility standards such as WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

Third-party accessibility tools like accessWidget can complement Wix's built-in features by providing additional customization options and functionality to improve accessibility further. These tools often offer users more control over various aspects of the website's design and functionality, allowing them to tailor the experience to their specific needs.

By incorporating tools like accessWidget into your Wix website, you can enhance its accessibility and provide users with more flexibility in how they interact with and navigate the site. Additionally, it demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that all visitors, regardless of their abilities, can access and use the website effectively.

If you're interested in integrating accessWidget into your Wix website but aren't sure how to do it yourself, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our team can assist you in installing and configuring these tools to ensure that your website is fully accessible to all users.


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