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Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

If you operate a small to medium size business, you know that marketing is absolutely critical for increasing success. You’ve probably spent a lot of time working on getting your business’ name out there. However, one critical mistake that many small to medium size businesses make is failing to have a blog on their website.

Let’s take a look at why creating a blog will benefit you.

Reason #5: Final Thoughts


Generate New Leads

Research has consistently demonstrated that businesses with blogs get many more visitors than those that don’t have them. In fact, blogs can be a great way to generate new leads by bringing clients to your website.

Blogs improve your search engine optimization (SEO), which matters when it comes to how high your business shows up on Google when people search for your industry.

This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits that can help new people discover your company.

Supplement Social Media Content

Another major benefit of creating a blog for your small to medium sized business is helping create content for your social media channels. Most businesses have at least two social media channels. Posting to these frequently can improve engagement with customers.

However, many businesses find it difficult to create regular content for their channels.

Bthe3 Creative Agency can write, design and post blogs to your company's website & social media accounts.

Hosting a blog gives you timely material to regularly post on your social streams, keeping your business present in the virtual space and increasing your followers.

Build Trust with Customers

One of the advantages of having a blog that is not frequently discussed is the opportunity to strengthen trust with customers. Blogs tend to be most successful when they provide useful information regarding your area of expertise.

For example, a lawn care company may write a blog about spring gardening tips.

Providing this type of blog content can position you as an expert in your area and provide a valuable service for your local community. This helps to position you as a trusted source for information, which will lead to customers trusting you when they need your products or services as well. Bthe3 Creative Agency does this for many of its clients.

Convince Readers to Take Action

Successful blogs end with a specific call to action. Blogs themselves are informative rather than sales-based; however, many blogs will encourage readers to do something in one or two short sentences at the end. This can be to take a look at a specific product, sign up for an e-mail list, check out another of your blogs, share the blog on their social media, or something else.

These calls to action can help spur readers to do something your business finds valuable.

Signing up for an e-mail list can improve your marketing reach. The same is true for sharing blogs on social media. Of course, encouraging a reader to look at a product or service can result in a sale. The options are endless.

Final Thoughts

If you want a convenient and affordable way to strengthen your business’ marketing and online presence, starting a blog is a great idea. It is something any small to medium sized business needs to outperform the competition.

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